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People who are starting their first website may not be experts on hosting and servers, which means that they’re going to need additional help from time to time. This is where Reseller Hosting businesses shine. They’re usually small businesses that are infinitely flexible. They can create custom hosting plans for their niche customers and go the extra mile when it comes to customer support. 

Reseller Hosting is a business where you buy server resources in bulk from a full-fledged hosting company and then create custom plans to ‘resell’ these resources to your customers in the form of hosting plans. The elimination of heavy capital investments makes Reseller Hosting a viable business opportunity

However, even Hosting Resellers need to take care of a few aspects before they start offering hosting services to their customers. This article looks at some of the fundamental factors that can have a huge impact on your business and, therefore, must be duly considered before you start your Reseller Hosting business. 

Factors to consider before you start a Reseller Hosting business

  1. The parent company

The parent company is the hosting company from whom you buy server resources. Given that they own and maintain the servers, they have incredible control over key aspects of your hosting service — reliability, security, and performance. 

Professional and reliable hosting companies spend a lot of money procuring premium hardware that won’t fail easily. They also invest in hiring experts with years of experience to reduce risk to their servers, and they use the best applications and firewalls to protect their servers. Additionally, look for providers that allow seamless upgradation of resources and plans.

So, when you’re starting a Reseller Hosting business, ensure that you partner with the right parent company because they are the backbone of your business. 

  1. Your brand

Professionalism is crucial in business because people want to partner with professional brands that know what they’re doing. So, ensure that your website is clean, simple, and professional. Additionally, know the customers you’re targeting. Reseller Hosting works on the principle of catering to a niche. Your brand and your plans must align with the requirements of that niche. 

Then there’s brand integrity. Everything that’s associated with your business should fall under the same brand umbrella. From your blogs to video guides to your social media handles, the brand should take center stage. The idea of branding essentially is to help customers associate everything about your business under a single name. The right branding can help hugely in marketing and in building trust with the public. 

You can create a web hosting business under your name if your hosting provider offers White Label Hosting. With white label Reseller Hosting plans, you can create customized hosting plans under your brand name. The end-user will see only your branding and will never know that you have bought your resources from another provider. For them, you will be the web hosting company.

  1. Customer support

As mentioned before, personalized customer support is one of the reasons that people use Reseller Hosting services, and customer support can make or break your business. There are a few fundamentals of customer support to note here: 

  • Multiple support channels: Always have more than one channel of communication. The more communication paths you give to your customers, the better it is. In the ideal world, when customers have a problem, they want to call a number and speak to a human. 

Obviously, not all of this is possible when you’re new to a business. The capital costs can shoot up really quickly. However, there are ways to deal with it. 

  • Newer and cheaper modes for customer support: Chatbots are getting more and more versatile by the day. Emails are still used extensively. Social media is revolutionizing customer support. Chatbots don’t cost a lot, and neither do emails. Social media accounts are free to create, and they’re a place where you have a lot of customers, which means it’s easy for them to reach you there. 

If you can ensure that you provide quick, efficient customer support via these channels, you’ve already solved a lot of problems. 

Now, it is true that nothing beats phone support, but there’s also increasing awareness on the cost of providing phone support among the general public. So, if you can offer good customer support from the channels that you pick, you’ll see that it’ll still satisfy your customers. 

  • Adopt a customer support funnel: There are many applications that you can use today. In fact, if you’ve partnered with the right hosting company,  you may end up with an application like WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solutions), which has an inbuilt customer support tool. 

These tools allow you to add customer support requests from various channels and monitor them in real-time. You can see the complaints as they enter the funnel, work that’s being done, and eventually close the support tickets once the problem has been solved. 

The truth is that good customer support is the best way to retain customers and build trust. With time, good customer support will also bring in new customers. So, ensure that you work hard on being the best on this front. 


Reseller Hosting isn’t a new business that people are just starting to try. It has a clear profit model, meaning that there are already plenty of companies today. To stand out and thrive, you’ll need to nail the fundamentals of Reseller Hosting — reliability, security, performance, custom plans, and great customer support. 

As mentioned earlier, your parent hosting company has a huge influence on your business. So, make sure that you choose the right company. If you partner with one of the leading hosting companies, you won’t have to worry about the technical aspects of hosting at all. The parent company will take care of that. You can simply concentrate on growing your business. 

ResellerClub is a popular name in the web hosting domain and offers hosting services across the globe. Our Reseller Hosting plans come pre-equipped with free cPanel/WHM, free SSL, unlimited emails, and much more. Also, you can get free WHMCS with your Reseller Hosting plans. Enjoy easy plan upgrades and 24×7 dedicated customer support.

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