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Technology has evolved a lot from what it used to be, words like the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer buzzwords. In fact, these are the building blocks of what the future will look like. Earlier AI was largely associated with bots, IT and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions but with time it has integrated itself in web design.

As a web pro, one of the most prominent concerns for the success of your business lies not only in designing a user-friendly website but also marketing it effectively to potential customers. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of Machine Learning and see its impact on web businesses through digital marketing.

The Basics:
At the onset, to power your online business you need a website and a hosting service. Once that is taken care of, the next step is to advertise and market your business well. Social media, SEO, banners and, ads are some popular means to market your business online. And with the growing use of smartphones and the advent of Machine Learning, a subset of AI, new avenues of optimising your marketing strategy have come up.

Machine Learning in a nutshell, is essentially bots simplifying the work of a marketer. Machine Learning uses various predicting algorithms for optimising content, search engine keywords as well as personalizing user messages. As a web pro, Machine Learning, therefore, helps you understand the needs of your customer in an easier and less time-consuming manner.

User experience is the one thing that helps in effective marketing of your web business. There are several WordPress plugins that help in deciphering human emotions, enhancing SEO and, systems that help in optimising digital marketing through Machine Learning, one of them being Rankbrain.

With so many Machine Learning tools available, let us see the impact Machine Learning has on Web Pros when it comes to marketing.

Influence of Machine Learning on Web Pros:
Machine Learning impacts web pros in several ways, one of them being how it helps them in getting to know their customer. Following are three instances where Machine Learning can help a web pro in understanding their customers as well as marketing their website for optimum benefits.

  1. Content Optimisation:
    It is rightly said, ‘Content is King’ be it textual, multimedia or lexical. A poorly presented article (read lack of search engine keywords) no matter how good, won’t get customers to your website. Contrary to that, a keyword oriented content definitely has the potential to attract customers to your website.Machine Learning helps you optimize your content with the right semantics, meta descriptions and keywords. It also helps in robust and predictive analysis of your content based on customer interactions and demands.

    As a web pro, it can get tedious to manually figure out each user’s liking based on their past history. It is, therefore, imperative that you employ external services, Machine Learning solves this problem using a tool, one such tool is Curata. Curata uses AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), learning the user’s content preference and then finds content based on that.

  2. Effective SEO & Analytics
    Optimised content brings us to our next point, Effective SEO & Analytics. If your content is optimised it directly affects your Search Engine Optimisation and search engine rankings. The more the user finds your content and website valuable, the more they visit it. This, in turn, increases the performance of your website (though care should be taken that you have an equally good hosting provider) thus, helping you increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

    is an SEO tool that uses Machine Learning for website migrations, predicting search engine ranking. Another AI assistant that helps you understand your social media engagements, reviewing which campaigns of yours are good and which need revisions is Rocco. As a web pro, it also helps you analyze which content has the best reach, share, clickthrough and engagement rates. Thereby, saving your time as well as giving strategic reports on what content works well with the masses.
  3. Email Marketing
    One of the most common marketing technique is to send marketing emails. And though some of your subscribers might find the content of the email effective, there might be some who don’t find anything of value to them. As at the end of the day, each subscriber is different and has different preferences, both in content and time.For a normal human being, analysing this vast sea of information is not only time consuming but also mentally taxing. While with Machine Learning, you can automate the perfect response for each subscriber of yours. This can be done by taking into account their engagement history. This approach can help you in maximising your customer engagements as well as conversions and reducing the numbers in unsubscriber list. Phrasee is a Machine Learning tool that analyzes emotions and phrases of your customer and predicts messages/subject lines they are likely to respond.

In Conclusion:
Overall, Machine Learning seems to be an intriguing concept with bots and other systems taking over the work of humans. The influence of Machine Learning on Digital Marketing is huge, with its predictive analysis and context-driven web design feature. In the end, Machine Learning not only adds value to the customer’s experience but also improves your business.

To know more about the influence of Machine Learning and using Google’s Image Recognition API in detail, listen to ResellerClub’s Tech Talks focusing on this subject.

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