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As mentioned in the previous post (Title: ’21 Day Free Trial), a Sidebar Banner for the free trial had been made available within all SuperSite pages. However, based on feedback we received from several resellers, we have modified the placement of this banner. Instead of appearing on the sidebar for all pages, it will only be visible on the Digital Certificate product landing page, as a full horizontal banner.

This image should appear without any manual intervention from your end if the Digital Certificate Intro file has not been modified. Incase it does not, then you will need to compare the updated copy of [digital_cert_show_plan_intro.html] with your modified one and make the necessary changes.This file can be edited from your Admin interface at:
Add Modify Content/Themes -> Website Content -> Your Language -> Products -> Digicert -> Digital_cert_show_plan -> Includes -> digital_cert_show_plan_intro.html

You can also edit this file to remove the banner if you choose not to offer this trial to your customers.