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So, you have finally decided to become a web reseller hosting provider and start your own business. Taking a plunge in the web hosting business is exciting and like many other businesses has its own risks too. For many first-timers, the web hosting industry seems to be a lucrative and tempting industry with a market that is often in demand of web hosting services. However, only a few manage to survive more than three months in this industry as a web hosting reseller business. There are many reasons why. 

To begin with, like most people, aspiring businessmen enter this industry with some kind of a perception that as resellers, building the businesses will be easy if they choose a good provider that has a wide network and robust resources. Unfortunately, that is not all that is needed. 

Along with a stable reseller web hosting facilitator, there are several components that go into being a successful reseller hosting business owner. It takes self-awareness, understanding of the business and the industry as well as knowledge of your customers to name a few. 

With this article, we aim to lay emphasis on 10 such critical prerequisites that you ought to know before you start a reseller hosting business. We hope that this article helps you know more about the various aspects you need to work on as you aspire to build your own web hosting company. So if you are interested, please grab a chair and read further. 

1. Understand your audience and would-be customers

This is basic, especially if you are getting into the hosting business. Identifying your core segment and audience will help you immensely if you are going to be a reseller hosting provider. Do full market research and understand the needs, expectations, and goals of your audience before you start marketing. Even doing a simple Google search to understand competition will help you know where you need to stand with respect to the market. Your objectives will be much clearer and firm once you get your hands on this. Besides, for any business that is about to enter a market, this is a must. Or else your marketing will look like a spray and pray exercise. 

2. Jot down your business goals

Make your intentions clear to yourself first. Write your business goals down on a paper and understand how you can get to the number of customers that you want to by adding the value you have arrived at from your market research. See if you can provide products that can stand distinguished and help your customer segment in some way. Writing down your business goals will allow you to think clearly and steer away from the otherwise clutter that goes in the market. You must know who you are talking to, and why, and what will it take for you to make them your customer. 

3. Have a marketing plan and budget

Once your goals are defined, understand how much you will need to boost your products and services through different channels. Choose your channels carefully because the spend you do on every channel needs to have a return in terms of an acquired customer. So, make sure that you have a proper branding and marketing strategy in place that is tied to a budget. Also, calculate the ROAS (return on ad spend) and ROI (return on investment) for every campaign that you do so that your marketing budget and spends can be justified. 

4. Partner with a reliable hosting company

Choosing a reliable provider is one of the most important aspects and prerequisites to remember before starting a reseller hosting business. It is as important as having a sound reseller hosting business model. When you choose a provider to partner with you, check if they have a fully managed service and whether their infrastructure, support, uptime, hosting plans are in line with the expectations of consumers. Do an R&D about the brand and its resources. Something that would help additionally is understanding what current customers say from review sites or your network. The benefit of choosing a fantastic parent brand for reseller web hosting is that they know the industry well and can help you in all kinds of situations. 

5. Get a load down of all the features and software

If you are going to do a business by reselling products then it is a must that you understand how the products work. All the features and software that are included in the packages are yours to absorb first before you resell and market them because your customers would ask you first for the solutions. And if you couldn’t answer them satisfactorily, your business’ credentials will most likely go down. So, to begin with, get a load down of all the product features and software before starting a reseller hosting business. 

6. Check for white label support

Before you signup with a provider, ensure that they support 100% white-labeling. This means that they must allow the use of unknown or anonymous domain names for the hostname of their servers. With whitelist support, your subscribers will not see your parent brand’s name anywhere on the dashboard or the control panel. Instead, they will see your brand’s name. This will help your company prove independent of your providers.

7. Offer secure payment gateways

Security is an essential factor in terms of payment gateway. You can offer various online deposit systems such as Visa, check card, net banking, etc. so that customers can choose a clear and stable one. Either way, since you’re managing a money-related exchange, you need to offer payment gateways that will perfectly suit you and your clients in the long run.

8. Deploy corporate billing systems

Having an excellent framework to maintain your account is an additional important factor in making the web hosting reseller business more manageable. You can’t go online day in and day out to manage orders, and you can’t give your customers a long waiting time either. To resolve this, enterprise billing frameworks, such as WHMCS, help you consistently manage your customers’ needs. It allows you to work with your customers with an implicit help desk without intervening in different frameworks. WHMCS makes correspondence easier and your general presence look more competent and professional.

9. Provide 24/7 technical support

It’s essential to provide personalized assistance to your customers when you run a web hosting business. And support is something that customers might need at any minute of the day. S, ideally you should have a support team that can take calls 24/7. This helps clients always effectively solve their problems, and they will be satisfied with your administration all the time. Make sure you offer all contact options such as direct calling, email, and phone support.

10. Provide a dedicated IP

It is mandatory to purchase a secured IP with the convenience of your partner and use it for the rooms reserved under your partner’s account. Various partners use the IP assigned to you by your host for their customers, and if something goes wrong in any of these domains, it will affect your customer’s domain. Giving your customers a dedicated IP address helps them use email and realize the consequences of abuse.


With these prerequisites, we believe that your journey as a reseller web hosting provider might be a tad bit simpler. If you have enjoyed reading this article, we hope that you implement these points and let us know your experience about the same Till, then, keep reading and enjoy hosting reseller packages for your customers!

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