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As the most popular new gTLD in the world, .XYZ is the go-to domain extension for every website, everywhere®. It’s popularity comes from its versatility because .XYZ is what you make it. Your customers could be having a business, expanding a new one, or just simply owning a personal website. A .XYZ adds value to your online presence no matter what. The .XYZ registry is definitely shifting the paradigm with their new TLD promo – ‘The 1.111B Class by .XYZ.’ So…

What is it?

All .XYZ domains between 000000.XYZ – 999999999.XYZ, a total of 1.111 billion numeric combinations are now just $0.93 per year, every year, to register, renew, and transfer! 1.111B is an alternative class of .XYZ domains to foster innovation and creativity. It’s a first-of-its-kind class of domains that can be used for nontraditional purposes, such as:

  • Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Advanced network communications
  • Vanity digital identifiers
  • Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
  • Virtual currencies and tradable assets

Now that you know a little more about the 1.111B class, here are a few more reason why .XYZ is apt for your customers’ online presence.

Why .XYZ?

  • It’s the next generation of the Internet – .XYZ is the domain ending that connects Generations X, Y, and Z on the internet. Incase you didn’t know, high-profile industry leaders like MIT (Engine.xyz), Deloitte (GoInnovate.xyz), and the co-founders of Skype (Starship.xyz) are using .XYZ for their new projects
  • It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense – Just like how we end the alphabet, .XYZ is perfect for ending your domain name.
  • It’s for everyone – Just as I had mentioned above, your domain name is what you make it with a .XYZ. It is for innovators, creators, business persons, investors and most importantly, .XYZ is for YOU!

So what are you waiting for?! Head onto our Domain Reseller program and get started!

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