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Launched in August 2015, .ONLINE quickly became a powerful domain extension. So powerful, that it was the first domain extension to make 38000+ domains in 24 hours of launch (source: Radix). The term ‘online’ is universally used and understood. It has become synonymous with ‘Internet’. ‘Online games’, ‘Online shopping’, ‘Online dating’ are commonly and widely used terms today. Some popular premium domains with .ONLINE in use are: www.bandwidth.online, www.headlines.com etc.


  • It is universally understood: The term ‘online’ is understood in 24+ languages

  • It is intuitive: It addresses the core reason of why you need to ‘get online’.

  • It fits all websites: No matter what you’re need is, .ONLINE fits all businesses, individuals, and organisations that want to be online.

Who is .ONLINE for?

.ONLINE is for:

  • Companies
  • Organisations
  • Individuals
  • Bloggers
  • Start-ups

.ONLINE has seen a steady rise in registrations since its launch. Below is the total registrations since 2015.

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