.GLOBAL: Connecting Across Communities, Countries & Continents

The .GLOBAL domain extension is one that transcends geographic boundaries to bring people together and take brands across borders. The .GLOBAL TLD is perfect for small businesses, start-ups and just about any brand reaching out to a global audience. Nothing says ‘Worldwide’ like a .GLOBAL! It’s limitless, borderless & non-discriminatory. For you as a domain reseller, .GLOBAL is great for your customers’ brand to be viewed as international & therefore is a fantastic investment. Today, there are over 43,000 .GLOBAL domains registered. Why .GLOBAL? It is universally understood Not restrictive to a particular business or industry Establishes your global presence […]

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designing with audio

Designing with Audio

Sound is an integral part of our daily life. Right from the sound of birds to the tick-tock of the clock, we are surrounded by sound in all forms. It soothes us after a tiring day and brightens our mood when we listen to it randomly. Talking about natural sounds, it also reminds us of the highly sought after man-made sounds. Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about music, recurring mobile notifications and so on & so forth. While music started in the technology world through radio, it got passed onto television to personal computers and cell phones with […]

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Google’s Major Gmail Redesign is now LIVE: Here are the changes

Last month marked 14 years since Gmail came into existence. Funny story – when Gmail was announced to the public on 1st April, 2004 not only did it arouse skepticism from those in the industry (owing to Google’s popular April Fools’ Day pranks), but it didn’t even have the infrastructure required to provide millions of users with reliable service. However, Gmail quickly became a force to reckon with. Its popularity threw competitors Yahoo and Hotmail off their game! By 2016, Gmail had a 20% market share and by 2017, had 1.2 billion users (source). Ever since we added G Suite […]

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cloud based security solutions

Top 5 Cloud based Security Solutions

In one of my earlier articles, I had covered one of the basic questions that comes to mind when thinking of moving to the Cloud – how secure is cloud storage? And I figured out despite the myths surrounding it, the cloud is as secure as any online service can be. However, there are always malicious entities on the lookout for attacking a vulnerability. One can minimise such a situation, by employing some cloud based security solutions. In this article, I’ll be covering the reasons to choose Cloud based security for your firm and the top cloud security solutions. Why […]

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How to start a blog and make money- Part II

Welcome to the second part of ‘How to start a blog and make money’. In the first part, we discussed how you can get started with a blog and the advantages of becoming an affiliate. In this article, we discuss the monetization tactics used by bloggers in detail and why affiliate marketing is a much better monetization strategy than CPM/CPC or selling private ads. But before we talk about the same, let us understand why blogging has become a worthy source of income and what are the advantages of the same. By now, I’m sure that you would have a […]

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Subscribers – A Valuable Resource

A friend of mine was all applause for a standup comedian after watching his YouTube video. A simple request by the comedian to hit the ‘subscribe’ button and press the ‘bell icon’ led to my friend watching more of his videos and finally attending live shows of the artist! Multiply this a thousand times and you will be able to identify the potential of ‘subscribers’ to your business. Be it stand up comedy, a financial education website/channel, your software services channel or a professional blog, if you are able to get more subscribers on your side, your business has a […]

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7 Vital Aspects to Remember in UX and SEO Website Optimization

There was a time in the history of search marketing and SEO when everything was simple. Most of the time, you would magically appear in the top of search engine results page by simply stuffing a certain keyword on your page, but times have changed. As time progresses, a myriad of factors is being considered by Google and other search engines when choosing what pages appear on top. However, these search factors were not imposed on websites overnight – it took Google a few years to significantly minimize, if not eradicate, spammy SEO methods that undermine search engines’ and websites’ […]

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top wordpress security plugins

Top WordPress Security Plugins in 2018

WordPress is one of the most trusted and widely used CMS’s powering over 30% websites all across the globe. As a website owner, taking care of the security of your website is a key concern. Encrypting your website using an SSL Certificate or a website security solution like SiteLock are some common forms of WordPress security. Another way to ensure the security of your WordPress website is by installing security plugins. In this post, we’ll be covering how plugins can help in securing your website and feature our list of the top WordPress security plugins. How do plugins help in […]

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