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New gTLD Report – February 2016

In our previous reports, we were having a month-on-month comparison of the new gTLD registrations. For February, we are doing our report in a slightly different format.

What’s new?

We are taking into account the domains registered exclusively in this month rather than all the domains registered through us till date. This is to ensure that all the TLDs, even TLDs that have been launched recently have a level playing field. Therefore, there has been a major change in trend in this month’s report.

Here are the percentage shares of  the new gTLD adds for the month of February.

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

The impact of promo offers is clearly visible on the top new gTLDs. .TOP and .ACCOUNTANT have climbed up the charts for February. .SPACE  continues to be in our top 15 gTLD list while .TOP seizes the largest chunk which is nearly half of the total percentage share followed by .ACCOUNTANT.

The reason contributing to the outstanding performance of .TOP and .ACCOUNTANT is due to the massive domain promos that are running throughout the month. .TOP & .ACCOUNTANT are running at promotional offers of 93% and 91% respectively. .

.WIN  & .LINK are at par for this month’s report contributing to 5% each of the domain registrations. We are running a promotional offer across all our programs for .WIN & .LINK at a staggering 91% & 75% off respectively. Apart from that, we are running a special promo in the China market for .WIN till the end of February. These could be, the contributing factors for why .WIN has entered the charts standing at number 3 in our new gTLDs list.

Radix Registry’s .SPACE and .ONLINE stand at positions 5 & 6. .SPACE is on a promotional sale of $6.99 $1.69 while .ONLINE is priced at $30.99 $7.99 for this month. 

We turned a decade old on the 17th of February this year. Undoubtedly the folks at ResellerClub are extremely enthused regarding this milestone. Therefore, we are running massive promos owing to our ‘Big Birthday Bash’. The ‘Big Birthday Bash’ promos received an unprecedented response via our multiple marketing channels and are a major factor contributing to the spike in registrations of the TLDs mentioned above.

We currently have promos on a bunch of other TLDs. You can take a look at the entire here. If you’ve got any queries regarding the report, let us know in the comments section below.


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The .COM price hike and its impact on you

After the revised contract was signed between Verisign and ICANN to maintain and manage the .COM registry in 2006, the price for the most popular TLD in the world has increased by $1.35. Come January 15th, 2012, .COM prices will rise once again from $7.52 to $8.03 for every year of registration and renewal, making it a rise of $1.86 or 31% over four years.

With this contract, Verisign has the authority to increase .COM prices by 7% every year with a 6 month notice to its Registrars. Furthermore, a similar contract signed in June this year for .NET allows for a rise of 10%.

These price increases also mean that every Registrar, including us, will be forced to increase our prices, given the razor thin and sometimes unjustifiable margins we work with.

While not increasing prices at all isn’t a viable option for us, we decided to evaluate options where we could improve operational efficiency, cut costs and pass on a smaller percentage of the hike to you.

Thus, with this price hike we’ll be increasing the price of .COM and .NET Domains as follows:

Slab .COM Price .NET Price
Base Slab $9.99 $9.99
Slab 1 $9.79 $9.79
Slab 2 $9.39 $9.39
Slab 3 $8.89 $8.89

As you can see, we’ve tried to ensure that new entrants and smaller providers are able to maintain their profit margins while the big, established providers still get one of the best prices in the industry.

Will this affect your Customers?

Having said the above, I believe this is not going to pinch the end consumer that purchases a single domain or even a couple of them, but will definitely hurt Domainers with 1000s of domains under management. You might also see a preference for ccTLDs for both types of audiences rise slightly (Something you can definitely cash in on with the right marketing efforts).

Another interesting aspect to note and something I’d love your views on is whether this price rise will affect adoption of new gTLDs. Do you think the higher price of .COM Domains will drive Registrants/Domainers to consider new gTLDs more favourably?

How are you going to tackle this?

I have personally been through the previous 3 hikes and have seen our Resellers tackle this in different ways – some increasing their own prices and some not, thereby reducing their existing margins. It’ll be interesting to see how you are going to tackle it this time.

Of course, as Registrars, while we will be passing on this price increase to our Resellers, we’d also like to make sure that you are aware of these facts. Knowing and locking in your current price by renewing NOW can go a long way in helping you stay profitable, especially if you or your Customers have a large portfolio of .COM Domains. I would be glad to address any of your concerns/feedback on this price increase – Do comment and let me know.

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Free 6 Months Hosting – Earn Co-Marketing Funds

We recently rolled out an exclusive program for our Indian Resellers – Offer free 6 months hosting with every .COM and .NET Domain.

This promo was launched primarily with the objective of helping Resellers increase the quality of .COM and .NET Registrations and earn continuous revenue on Hosting Renewals (as well as several other benefits). In fact, hosted Domains across the Industry have a 77% Renewal Rate compared to a 55% Renewal Rate for non-hosted Domains. So far, this promo has been very well received and we’re already seeing a significant surge in numbers.

However, one feedback we’ve received from Resellers is that while such initiatives go a long way in promoting Domain Name & Hosting Services, marketing them in the face of stiff competition is another ball game altogether – especially for SMBs.

To help counter this, we’ve just launched our first ever Co-Marketing Program! With this program, we’re offering 10 Resellers Rs. 1,00,000 each to run a fully-funded marketing campaign for the Free 6 Months Hosting promo.

What it’s about:

As part of this program, Resellers have to submit a basic business plan and tell us how they will promote .COM/.NET Domains & Hosting services.

Based on the relevance, viability and execution of their marketing plan, Resellers will be then be granted upto Rs. 1,00,000 as marketing funds.

You can still apply!

If you’re an Indian Reseller and haven’t already applied for the Co-Marketing program, you can do so till the 25th of October.

For more information on how you can apply get in touch with your Account Manager or fill in this simple questionnaire and email it to marketing-at-resellerclub-dot-com.

While this is the first ever Co-Marketing Program we’ve run, we do plan to roll out such initiatives across all our programs in the future – Watch this space for more!


We would also love to know the kind of co-marketing programs you would like to see in the future so drop us a line below and let us know!

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MobileView – Now free with every .COM & .NET Domain!

We are delighted to announce the Verisign MobileView integration to our existing range of freebies with all new .COM and .NET Domain Registrations. MobileView is a superfast, dead-easy and automated way to offer your Customers a mobile friendly version of their websites in a jiffy.

Need for Mobile-Ready Websites:

With rising number of network subscribers using their mobile phones to browse the Internet, MobileView is the ideal tool for end-users to get a mobile site without having to lift a finger. There isn’t any need for development or end-user downloads. MobileView instantly creates a mobile-optimized version of the Registrant’s website and presents it on a sub-domain with an icon-based layout. It’s that simple.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of users using their mobile phones to browse the internet. Morgan Stanley, one of the formidable names in global financial services and industry trends, outlines that by 2013 the total number of mobile internet users will exceed to 1.8 billion and will surpass the number of PC users using the web. (source)

While there are developers that work on mobile optimized versions of their websites, inconsistent presentation and incompatibility are two traits that have hindered the mobile market. In this regard, MobileView has been able to help create a stable solution that offers an invariable experience for customers on any mobile device. With its icon-styled layout and phone-integrated features, MobileView is the perfect product for webmasters to reach out directly to their customers.

Pre-Integrated and Ready to Use:

MobileView has already been integrated into our system and is ready for provisioning. All new .COM and .NET Registrations will be provisioned along with an additional system generated mail that specifies basic steps for your Customers to activate their MobileView Account.

This all new free integration is one of our many initiatives rolled out in Q4. We hope that you are able to maximize your Domain Registration revenues by offering this product to your Customers.

We would love to know your thoughts on what MobileView means to you – Do leave a comment below.


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Winners of our Sweepstakes Contest!

A few weeks ago, we announced a sweepstakes contest for Resellers that could win them a $1000 for taking Verisign’s latest small business initiative to their Customers.

As a Domain Registrar we strongly support any initiative that gets Customers worldwide to realise the value of the internet in their everyday lives. The Verisign Small Business Contest does just that. With this contest Customers were given the chance to tell Verisign where .COM can take their business and win up to $25,000 for their enterprise.

We in turn converted this into an opportunity for our Resellers to offer this contest to their Customers and stand to win $1000. The response was pretty incredible – Here’s what a couple of our Resellers (and 2 of our winners) had to say:

As a loyal reseller of ResellerClub for almost 10 years I was excited to know that I was one of the lucky winners of the $1000 Verisign Sweepstakes Contest – keep the promotions coming!

Daniel Burt

It’s great that ResellerClub keeps bringing us these contests from time to time. Not only can we win some great prizes but also be updated about everything thats happening in the Domain Industry.

Graeme Preston

Here’s a list of the five lucky winners of the Sweepstakes contest!

  1. Daniel
  2. Jason
  3. Ashok
  4. Fatih
  5. Graeme

Congratulations to all our winners and as Danny Burt says – We’re going to keep the promotions coming!

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Win up to $10,000 with

Maybe it helped you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/dog walker. Or keep a friendship alive from continents away. Or learn something that protected your health or that of a loved one.

All you have to do is go to submit a short video or essay about how .com has changed your life. If your entry wins (by a combination of popular votes and judging), you could win one of ten iPads, $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000.

The deadline is August 31, 2010—don’t wait to tell your story!.

Visit for more information and to submit your entry.

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New .COM & .NET Prices Post 30th June

To accommodate the Registry price hike that was announced last year, will be increasing our prices for .COM and .NET Domains from the 30th of June, 2010 at 14:30 UTC.
The new prices for .COM and .NET will be:

 gTLD   Base Slab   Slab 1   Slab 2   Slab 3 
.COM $9.99 $9.39 $8.89 $8.39
.NET $9.99 $9.39 $8.89 $8.39


  • These prices will be applicable from the 30th of June, 2010 at 14:30 UTC (time in your country)
  • The prices mentioned will be applicable on .COM and .NET Domains only. The prices for .BIZ, .INFO, .ORG and .NAME Domains will not be modified.
  • These prices are applicable to all years of Registration, Renewal and Transfer-in

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Promo Updates

.IN Promo – Extended!  .INFO Promo – Extended!
.BZ @ $11.99 – Starts October 2nd  Promo Line-up for October ’09

.IN @ $3.99 – Now Extended

We’ve just received news from the Registry that due to our great numbers, the .IN and Third Level .IN Promo has now been extended to the 30th of October! So now, you get the special pricing of $3.99 and $4.99 on .IN and Third Level .IN Domains for a whole month more!

For more information on this Promo, click here.

.INFO @ $3.49 – Now Extended With A New Price

The .INFO Promo has been extended to the 30th of December with a new price of $5.99 for New Registrations. This new pricing will take effect on the 30th of September at 12:30 UTC.

Please Note:

To extend this promo, we will be ending the current promotion on the 29th of September at 12:30 UTC. The promo will then be restarted on the 30th of September at 12:30 UTC with the new Promo Price of $5.99.

.BZ @ $11.99 – Starts October 2nd

Enjoy a 30% cut in the cost for new .BZ Registrations starting from the 2nd of October at 12:30 UTC. This is another ResellerClub promo where you get the best prices in the industry so make sure that you cash in on .BZ Domains @ $11.99 only.

Promo Line-up for October ’09

Here’s a quick look at the Promos that will be on offer in October:

  • .COM @ $7.39 – the best price in the industry in our first ever Opt-in Promo. More Information >>
  • .EU @ $3.49 – Up to 55% off on New Registrations
  • .INFO @ $5.99 – Begins on 30th September
  • .BZ @ $11.99 – Save $7 with a 30% Discount!
  • .IN @ $3.99 – Upto 70% Off!
  • Third Level .IN @ $4.99More Information >>

It looks like October is shaping up to be another month with great profit potential!

The .COM @ $7.39 and the .EU @ $3.49 Promos are live! Login to your Control Panel and set your pricing now!

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