The Long and Short of Website Scrolling

Scrolls… you probably don’t even think about them too much. For a long time, scrolls have been dismissed as just a basic functionality to move up and down on a webpage that is more than your screen size. Today, web designers are exploring all that can be done with scrolls. And there’s one definite conclusion – there’s more. Clever coding with the scroll can enable you to create amazing animations and therefore, amazing web designs for your client. Advances in JavaScript/HTML 5 have made this possible. But, is there a need to redesign the scroll? Definitely, yes. Why the scroll […]

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New gTLD Report – September 2016

Hey folks, the new gTLD numbers for September are here! Once again, .TOP & .XYZ take the first two spots with .TOP having the lion’s share of new gTLD adds. We also have a new entrant to our report, .SHOP! In other news, the Radix TLDs continue to be a part of our report occasionally shifting positions. You can have a look at the infographic below for more details: 1) .TOP still number one – As you can see, .TOP takes a huge chunk of the total new gTLD registrations for the September. Taking a total of 53%, this definitely […]

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Platforms to help web designers collaborate better

In my previous post, we covered the social platforms that will help web developers collaborate better and enhance and develop their skills over the internet. So, we thought, why not help web designers collaborate better as well and list down certain platforms that you, as a web designer can try out. With the rise of the online era, social networks are coming up to help people connect with different people with common interests and profession.  Social networks provide web designers the digital space where they can share their work, explore,express themselves,have meaningful conversations and share feedback. Thanks to these creative, […]

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Acing the Game of Cards!

If you’ve been designing websites for a while, it’s quite likely you know what a website card is and what it can do for your website design. For those of us not so sure what a website card is, it’s the rectangular boxes you see on websites that either have images or texts that serve as entry points to more information. I believe website cards are critical because: It grabs the attention of your visitors within a few seconds Leaves a visual impact Are a convenient way of displaying content They communicate quick stories Not just that, I also believe cards […]

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Managing Software Development Projects with SCRUM

When you sit down to think about your USP – Unique Selling Proposition that gives your Web Design and Development business a competitive advantage over other companies, Price, Quality, Efficiency and Reliability are obvious metrics you will consider. To deliver on these, there are multiple processes that need to be put in place and today we will explore one very critical aspect. Project Management is extremely critical to any business, let alone the Design and Development Business. The basics of project management include: Assessing incoming work Streamlining projects Assigning tasks to the team Managing communication with the client for requirements […]

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Are Your Retail Customers Accidentally Losing Sales? Here’s how You can Help!

There are several things your customer (who is a seller) does that seem like good ideas at first, but may be costing him sales rather than winning new customers. What’s he doing wrong? As a web designer or a developer who builds websites for SMBs, you want to make sure your customers’ business is seeing enough sales/leads/value from their websites. More often than not though, you play a consulting role in the entire online presence of your customer – not just a transactional one and you can help your customers get it right. Let’s take a look at some common […]

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Platforms to help web developers collaborate better

As a developer, you are a tech geek who knows the in and out of the collaborative platforms around the world and are amongst the smartest users for such networks. Such platforms can help developers like yourself to collaborate, explore, learn new tricks and techniques and share the same knowledge with other developers all around the world. Hence, we call this a collaborative hub for developers. We know that you focus a lot on quality content and community driven sites and are affirmative of the fact that you must already be there on one of these platforms looking at the […]

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Backlinking Tips to Get Your SEO Rankings Through the Roof!

SEO is definitely important for your customer’s website. When you’ve built an amazing website, designed it to look great but have no or low visitors, you’ve got a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization. We tell you how you could get SEO rankings up through one important way: BACKLINKING. What is backlinking? Simply put, it’s a linking from a website / webpage / blog back to your own website / webpage or blog. It is also called ‘in-bound linking’. Find broken links: Fixing broken links on a website is simply like a […]

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