Platforms to help web developers collaborate better

As a developer, you are a tech geek who knows the in and out of the collaborative platforms around the world and are amongst the smartest users for such networks. Such platforms can help developers like yourself to collaborate, explore, learn new tricks and techniques and share the same knowledge with other developers all around the world. Hence, we call this a collaborative hub for developers. We know that you focus a lot on quality content and community driven sites and are affirmative of the fact that you must already be there on one of these platforms looking at the […]

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Backlinking Tips to Get Your SEO Rankings Through the Roof!

SEO is definitely important for your customer’s website. When you’ve built an amazing website, designed it to look great but have no or low visitors, you’ve got a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your customer’s website noticed is through Search Engine Optimization. We tell you how you could get SEO rankings up through one important way: BACKLINKING. What is backlinking? Simply put, it’s a linking from a website / webpage / blog back to your own website / webpage or blog. It is also called ‘in-bound linking’. Find broken links: Fixing broken links on a website is simply like a […]

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What Is an IP Address Anyway?

Internet Protocol (IP) was first created in the 1970’s to connect the first computers to each other and allow them to send and receive packets of information. Today, every device that connects to the internet requires an IP address. An example IP address that many people will recognize is: However, that is not really your IP address, it is the IP address your router gives you. (I will explain later) Every IP address is assigned to an endpoint device (routers, personal computers, tablets, wireless printers, smartphones, or any “smart” device that connects to a network) Basically, an IP address […]

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.asia blogpost resellerclub

Join the World’s Largest Internet Marketplace with .ASIA

It’s been nearly 9 years since .ASIA was introduced to the world with the intent of giving the Asian populace an online presence. Helping individuals realize their potential by taking businesses online and connecting the community globally was a definite objective of the DotAsia Registry. Just think about it: The current population of Asia is 4,445,380,094 as of Sunday, September 18, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates The Asian population is equivalent to 59.78% of the total world population while the median age in Asia is 30.7 years There has only been an increasing demand for the Asian-friendly domain name since its […]

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Reseller in Focus: eWallHost

You, our resellers are extremely important to us and it’s our privilege to partner with you. At ResellerClub, we’ve partner with over 200,00 resellers from across the globe in the hope of empowering their businesses through our products and services. We’re thrilled when our resellers optimise our products and services to expand their business and grow their revenues exponentially. We wanted to draw your attention to one such reseller we’re proud to do business with, SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah (eWallHost). How did SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah start? SivaKarthick Rajan Mookiah wanted to prove something in the field of computer and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Information […]

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new gtld report september resellerclub blog

New gTLD Report – August 2016

In our last month’s report we witnessed the stellar performance of  .TOP & .XYZ. It’s really not much of a surprise to see them in our top 5 new gTLD adds for the month as their performance is fairly consistent. .BID is our new addition to this month’s report while the rest of the names are surely ones that you find to be familiar. As usual, the Radix domain names continue to be a part of our top 15. Have a look at the numbers below for more details. Create pie charts 1) It’s .TOP and .XYZ once again!: .TOP […]

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How to Write a Design and Development Contract

You’ve just had a fantastic meeting with a client. The requirement is exciting and the pay will be too. You are ready to start work as soon as possible.   To your shock, things start to unravel right from the very first change request to the invoice date. What could have been done to prevent this? Most web professionals, unfortunately, do not sign written agreements with clients before starting work. This mistake could not only cost you the project but could put a dent in your entire business. Writing that agreement on your own, though, can be quite a challenging task […]

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Cloud v/s CDN v/s Geolocated Hosting: Which Should I Choose?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a web developer who’s had this question across his mind at least once. Should I choose Cloud Hosting or Geolocated hosting or CDN to serve customers in different geographies? Having had regional hosting servers for all our other ResellerClub programs, we recently launched geolocated hosting in China and now have hosting available from servers in Hong Kong, US, India, Turkey and UK. But let’s ask some vital questions first: What is the purpose of geolocated hosting? What should I choose if my client expects customers from multiple locations? What about CDN? If you’ve had […]

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