How a Self-Service Knowledgebase Improves Your Online Business

Let’s start with the million dollar question  – “What does it take to run a successful online business”? The answer is rather simple, you need to have a company that’s worth a lot and earns a lot of money, and to achieve that you need happy and loyal customers. But here’s the more important question is – “How do you keep your customers happy and loyal”?The immediate answer that pops into the mind is – offer exceptional customer service! But then, doing so is expensive, is it not? After all, you need to hire a team of expert agents to […]

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Guide to Choosing or Designing Icons in Web Design

Design is about communication. As a designer, you’ve achieved what you set out for if your visitor finds what he’s looking for on your website with ease. In a couple of my earlier blog posts, I’ve covered how to use calls-to-action in your web design but icons? Icons can also be calls-to-action but can be effective visual replacements for text. Icons are usually instantly recognizable and already have strong, defined concepts and although they may only be a small part of your website, a failure to nail it, can make your design look tacky and cheap. What separates icons from other images […]

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Service Tax on Cross-Border Online Services in India – Explained

With a view to providing a level playing field to Indian Service Providers providing taxable ‘online information and database access or retrieval [OIDAR] services’ including electronic services in India, the Indian Government has made some revisions in its policies. The service tax exemption given to products in this category which may include Domain Names and Hosting has been withdrawn with effect from 1 December, 2016 for such services ‘provided in India’ by service providers located outside India or in a foreign territory. Effective 1st December, 2016, Government of India has expanded the definition of OIDAR services (under Notification No.46, 47, […]

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The future of AngularJS: Is it worth learning?

What is AngularJS? AngularJS is a Javascript framework which can be added to an HTML page with <script> tag maintained by Google. It is used to build powerful, interactive websites with sleek animations to offer pleasant user experiences. There have been significant improvements and changes between versions 1.0 and 1.3 and version 2.0 is currently being worked on. Its comparable siblings include Ember, Polymer, Backbone.Js and others however, the popularity of AngularJS has risen significantly in the past couple of years and so has the demand for developers. The graph below is an indicator of the fact the AngularJS has seen massive growth […]

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new gTLD report October

New gTLD Report – October 2016

We’ve been doing our new month-on-month new gTLD reports for a while now, and the share of domain adds for this month are taking a tighter share than September’s. .TOP and .XYZ have been leading the group for a while. The rest of the new gTLDs are in spitting distance of each other. We also have a new entrant for this month, .TRADE joins our report at number 14 for the month of October. You can refer to the infographic below to see how the new gTLDs have performed. Copy: Create pie charts 1) .TOP – October’s been an exceptionally […]

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How to successfully incorporate minimalism in web design

The objective of designing is not just to make the website or the paper look good but to successfully portray what the brand is to the target audience, visually. This also includes minimum amount of effort on part of the designer and maximum amount of result, which gets us to today’s topic, “Minimalism”. Minimalism is a concept which helps you to successfully draft a message for your audience by using minimum elements and efforts and yet helps in evoking stimulus. Many of today’s designs such as flat design, large background images etc have come up from the concept of minimalism. […]

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ICANN 57, Hyderabad: The Week You Can’t Miss

The 2nd ever ICANN meeting in India is well on its way at the International Convention Centre in Hyderabad right now, as I write this. If you’ve been part of it for Day 1 & 2, you know how awesome it’s been to exchange ideas with those at the event, network with experts in the industry and understand how things will impact your web presence business in the near future. What does ICANN mean for our industry? The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers is a private non-profit organisation responsible for managing internet protocol numbers & domain name systems. Got […]

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Hyderabad: In the Words of a Tourist & Hyderabadi

When the 2016 ICANN event was announced to be in Hyderabad, I was stoked. Hailing from Hyderabad but having lived the past 16 years in Mumbai brought fond memories of biryani, Charminar, summer holidays, my ‘Tata’ (grandad) and my ancestral home. While Hyderabad meant memories, as a teenager from Mumbai, having discovered a passion for traveling, places and food, the city became more than just home away from home. I began to see it from a new light. I take the liberty to share with you my experiences of the city … a mix of the Hyderabad I knew as a […]

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